Australia’s captain, Steve Smith, marching from the pitch to the dressing room.

A furious Mahinda Rajapakse claimed today that the Australian batsmen had copied his concept of Padayatra as the Australian batsmen decided to protest Sri Lanka Cricket’s decision to file a complaint against their erstwhile bowling consultant, Muttiah Muralitharan, for allegedly verbally abusing the Sri Lankan team manager.

The Padayatra commenced yesterday from the middle of the pitch of the Galle International Cricket Stadium and ended in the visitor’s dressing room this morning. “The Padayatra has been a success. Our team showed immense commitment to our peaceful protest in support of the best spinner ever,” said an ebullient Darren Lehman.

Such was the corrosive impact of Sri Lanka Cricket’s rash decision to demean Murali on the Australian players, that at once stage three batsmen marched one after the other in quick succession from the pitch that they were almost walking in lockstep as they approached the dressing room.

Though the Padayatra has received a positive response from the Sri Lankan fandom, the former president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, has accused the Australians of plagiarizing the concept of Padayatra from his march from Kandy to Colombo.

“Copy Kangaroos! Copy Kangaroos!”, chants were heard from Hambantota according to reliable sources. “Plagiarizing is a crime. We cannot stand the theft of intellectual properties. Recently, Melania Trump was trolled for plagiarizing the speech of America’s first lady. But no one is accusing the Aussies of plagiarizing the march. The media is biased,” said one avid supporter.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is a work of fiction and is supposed to be taken