Pathum Nissanka and Ashen Bandara
What does the selection of Pathum Nissanka and Ashen Bandara into the shorter formats say about Sri Lanka cricket?

Pathum Nissanka and Ashen Bandara were picked into shorter formats though neither of them took part in the LPL. Did LPL make a mistake by not picking them or has the Sri Lankan management made a mistake by picking them? And what do these conflicting stands say about Sri Lanka as a whole?

The second-string Sri Lankan team has exposed the longstanding selection issues

Sri Lankan selectors have been the biggest reason behind the team’s poor performances in recent times. The success of the second-string Sri Lankan side in Pakistan only proves this longstanding issue.

Sri Lanka should forget shorter formats altogether

Shorter formats now leave no room for amateurish managerial travesties. Sri Lanka are less likely to mend their way of managing their cricket team. It is only right that the inevitable is acknowledged.

Sri Lanka World Cup Squad: Ashantha de Mel has put Sri Lanka cricket back by several years

This World Cup squad is what you get when you let a macaque into a parrots’ nest.

Hathurusingha is no magician

Sri Lankan fans have clearly run out of patience. But why? And how justified is it?

Why gender politicians should stop with blaming the male establishment for women’s cricket’s slow progress

Why try to find a solution when you have men to pin the blame on?

Is Dayasiri Jayasekara the new clown in the town?

What is the monkey doing in the parrot’s nest?

Nokia’s failure and the lesson for Sri Lanka Cricket

Nokia’s failure to adapt to the change and its final destiny are both a lesson for Sri Lanka Cricket.

Will Sri Lanka swallow the Red Pill?

Sri Lanka cricket is only trying to save its face and alleviate the symptoms instead of addressing the root causes of the current problems.

The selectors and the team management are the biggest culprits behind Sri Lanka’s struggles

Sri Lanka should stop thinking that certain players are be-all and end-all of the team and must look beyond them if they are to regain their pride in world cricket.

Sri Lanka’s chronic quandary over number three: What are the solutions?

Sri Lanka can either replace Kusal Perera with a new number three or promote Kusal Mendis at the risk of it having a domino effect on the positions of other batsmen.

Kusal Perera
Why Kusal Perera should not be blamed for his failure at number three

Perera wasn’t reckless. Instead, he was a victim of his circumstances.

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Sri Lanka Cricket and the art of being retarded

How long are we going to repeat the same mistakes again and again hoping that magically they will lead to success?

What should Sri Lanka do to stay competitive in the World Twenty20?

What is Sri Lanka’s best starting XI for the WorldT20?

Why Lasith Malinga should lead Sri Lanka in the 2016 ICC World Twenty20

What has Malinga done wrong to be ill-treated in this manner?

Sri Lanka Cricket Election: Corruption set to return with Democracy

“The clubs have voting rights, as I mentioned, and it is a conscious decision they have to make: are they going to be selfish or are they going to use those votes for the greater good of cricket in Sri Lanka?”