This World Cup squad is what you get when you let a macaque into a parrots’ nest.


Sri Lanka World Cup Squad: Ashantha de Mel has put Sri Lanka cricket back by several years
This World Cup squad is what you get when you let a macaque into a parrots’ nest.
Hathurusingha is no magician
Sri Lankan fans have clearly run out of patience. But why? And how justified is it?
Why gender politicians should stop with blaming the male establishment for women’s cricket’s slow progress
Why try to find a solution when you have men to pin the blame on?
Is Dayasiri Jayasekara the new clown in the town?
What is the monkey doing in the parrot’s nest?
Nokia’s failure and the lesson for Sri Lanka Cricket
Nokia's failure to adapt to the change and its final destiny are both a lesson for Sri Lanka Cricket.
Will Sri Lanka swallow the Red Pill?
Sri Lanka cricket is only trying to save its face and alleviate the symptoms instead of addressing the root causes of the current problems.


Is there a conspiracy to get rid of Hathurusingha?
Hathurusingha has made a lot of people within Sri Lanka Cricket feel threatened. What we are seeing is their revolt against the head coach.
Have Sri Lanka failed to improve under Hathurusingha?
Given where Sri Lanka were when he took over, Hathurusingha's stint shouldn't be judged by the win-loss record alone.
Sri Lanka’s Test batting woes: Why aggression is not the cause
Sri Lanka's tribulations with the bat in Tests are not due to their supposed 'aggression' but rather due to the absence of it.
Dinesh Chandimal
Are Chandimal’s innings a boon or a bane for Sri Lanka?
Chandimal's slow scoring has affected the team. But he is not the only one to blame.
Is the Chandimal-Mathews partnership the architect of Sri Lanka’s defeats?
The archaic batting strategy of Chandimal and Mathews has cost Sri Lanka matches.
Why batting strategies are the reason behind Sri Lanka’s ODI woes
Sri Lanka's incorrigible batting style has paved the way for its down fall.


When the tail wagged: Five times when tail-enders helped Sri Lanka win
When bowlers lost hope on their batsmen and decided to win the match all by themselves.
Image result for ian botham
Five times when Sri Lankan batsmen gave bowlers an existential crisis
Some of these bowlers never played cricket again; some of them started bowling spin even though they were fast bowlers.
Seven Sri Lankan cricketers who represented Sri Lanka in another sport
A slideshow of Sri Lanka's cricketing double internationals.
Six Sri Lankans who could bat, bowl and keep wickets
A list of Sri Lankan cricketers who were multidisciplined.
Sri Lanka’s All-time T20 XI that played no T20I
Sri Lanka's all-time T20 XI from the pre-T20 era.
Image result for TM dilshan
TM Dilshan’s career in pictures
A voyage through Dilshan's career in pictures.


Who is Sri Lanka’s greatest match winner among batsmen in ODIs?
Only a handful of Sri Lankan batsmen have performed better in wins than in defeats.
Sri Lanka’s 2015 in Tests in Numbers
A look at the statistics from Sri Lanka's 2015 in tests.
AIA Premier Limited Overs Tournament: Day Four in Numbers


Sri Lanka’s All-time T20 XI that played no T20I
Sri Lanka's all-time T20 XI from the pre-T20 era.
Knights of the Dawn: Ben Navaratne, a keeper Bradman wanted in his team
The story of a wicket-keeper who would have been world known had he been born in the right place at the right time.
Alfred Holsinger- a Sri Lankan bowler who picked six wickets in six balls
The story of a Ceylonese fast bowler who went to England in search of fortune and fame.
A witty speech by the Late Lakshman Kadirgamar in 2004
A witty address by a distinguished statesman.


SATIRE:IOC strips Usain Bolt of a gold medal; awards it to Imran Tahir instead
Tahir has impressed IOC with his sprinting skills.
SATIRE: A brutally honest speech by Thilanga Sumathipala during the post-match presentation ceremony
The president of Sri Lanka Cricket makes an honest speech.
SATIRE: MR accuses the Australians of plagiarizing his Padayatra concept
The Australian players commenced a padayatra in support of Murali.
SATIRE: Pradeep injured- SLC asks fans to stay on alert as they might be called in anytime
SLC fears that soon they might exhaust their fast bowling reserves completely
SATIRE: Low-quality benches blamed for Thirimanne’s injury
Sitting on low-quality benches for a long time blamed for Thirimanne's lower-back injury.
SATIRE: Journalist sacked after submitting the same innings report thrice
All three innings were played in the same way, so the same report- argues the journalist.


VIDEO: Upul Chandana bowls Warne’s ball of the century
Sri Lanka's leg spinner bowls his version of 'the ball of the century'.
VIDEO: Lakshan Sandakan outwits AB de Villiers with his chinaman
Sri Lanka's latest spin sensation dazzled the world's best batsman.

The Third Man

The jokes that were made about Sri Lanka Cricket in 1999
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Sri Lanka vs. India- 1st T20I: Memes of the match
How did Facebook react to Sri Lanka's spectacular victory?
VOTE: Sri Lankan ODI Jerseys over the years
From being yellow-dominant in the '80s, adopting green at the expense of yellow in 1995 to the blue-dominant jersey of today, we have curated a list of all jerseys from the '80s until hitherto.
Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand 1st Test: Day 1 in Tweets
Personality Quiz: Which Sri Lankan captain are you?
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