Poor batting strategies

Sri Lanka need a cultural revolution in the shorter formats

An in-depth look at Sri Lanka’s struggles in limited-overs cricket.

Sri Lanka should forget shorter formats altogether

Shorter formats now leave no room for amateurish managerial travesties. Sri Lanka are less likely to mend their way of managing their cricket team. It is only right that the inevitable is acknowledged.

Nokia’s failure and the lesson for Sri Lanka Cricket

Nokia’s failure to adapt to the change and its final destiny are both a lesson for Sri Lanka Cricket.

The selectors and the team management are the biggest culprits behind Sri Lanka’s struggles

Sri Lanka should stop thinking that certain players are be-all and end-all of the team and must look beyond them if they are to regain their pride in world cricket.

Dinesh Chandimal
Are Chandimal’s innings a boon or a bane for Sri Lanka?

Chandimal’s slow scoring has affected the team. But he is not the only one to blame.

Is the Chandimal-Mathews partnership the architect of Sri Lanka’s defeats?

The archaic batting strategy of Chandimal and Mathews has cost Sri Lanka matches.

Why batting strategies are the reason behind Sri Lanka’s ODI woes

Sri Lanka’s incorrigible batting style has paved the way for its down fall.